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Save programming time.
AbriChart is an easy to use graphing, charting package to integrate into your FoxPro (all versions), Visual Basic, and other software applications. You will wonder why it wasn't available before. It will display/print 2D or 3D Pie, Bar and Line charts with easy to setup graph options and data. Can also be used standalone. Direct display/print and bitmap modes - allow simple display/print or direct integration into your reports.

Fingerprint scanner code

Easy to use Fingerprint scanner VFP code that works with M2-S scanner from WWW.M2SYS.COM

GenSel: VFP5+ Generic selection or input form utility:

(Updated: 01/16/09)
This generic selection form utility has been used for years for many common table selection or input tasks and saved gobs of time rather than designing special forms for each situation.

Features: Parametric selectable: grid fields/headertitles, the kind and number of response buttons (including Undo), tag sortable columns, definable column disables & readonly, auto form sizing, and many more features.....

Instructions are in file genselreadme.txt.

Handy FPW/VFP5 pushbotton date selection.

Calendar image.
  • User just clicks on desired date. Source code included for both FoxPro for Windows and Visual Foxpro. The VFP edition can be easily modified for any language in the init method.
    Download calendar (cal.zip)

  • French edition (VFP only) (cal-fr.zip) - as modified by Marc Kayser.

FoxPro/Win percentage progress bar indicator

PCdone.prg is a handy little program/procedure to show percentage progress bar of a task in a small window. It is compact, versatile and easy to use. Modified so it can be used in FoxPro SQL statements. Source code and documentation is included.

FoxPro/Win debug utility.

A handy little utility - debug.prg source code - for debuging your Foxpro windows programs. You can insert it anywhere in your program to find what is happening to databases, memory, variables, current program location and read level.

Foxpro Fundation Read example/tutorial.

A simplified Foundation-Read tutorial and multiple windows example. It includes necessary procedures and forms to easily adapt your own multiple windows application.

FoxPro/Win video resolution compensation.

This is a short article reprint discussing how to solve most of those FoxPro/Win "off screen" and "screen displacement" problems when changing video resolutions and in other situations. Written in MS Write .WRI format.

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