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Windows/Dos misc. tryware/freeware.



ABcmd Version 1.4

If you have ever wanted Windows' ease-of-use along with MS-DOS' power, ABcmd is for you. It gives you a command line interface to Windows, allowing you to not only run DOS commands, but also to attach your frequently-used commands and programs to a button bar.


This 16 bit DLL, makes it simple to add progress indicator bars to your Windows applications, adding functionality to applications written in just about any Windows-based programming environment, including Visual Basic, C/C++, etc.

DOS Menu/DirectoryJumper.

ABMENU V1.6 - This is the "the shortest distance between two points" in DOS program menus. A fast, efficient, stay-in-DOS program menu and/or drive/directory hoper. Directories, programs and descriptions easily added or deleted from menu list without editing, compiling, etc.

A handy set of DOS utilities.

HandyDOS V1.6 - Twelve DOS utilities. FILE/DISK HANDLING (moving/deleting file(s) & directories, a WYSIWYG attrib utility); professional BATCH PROGRAMMING (function keys, pop-up windows, cursor pos., colour, sound); a fast stay-in-dos MENU SYSTEM; and a versatile VIDEO & CURSOR setting & checking utility. A good demo batch included.

WYSIWYG full screen replacement for DOS Attrib.

ATTRB V1.6 - Easy-to-use, intuitive, full screen, WYSIWYG, file attribute changing utility to replace dos's ATTRIB. Changes attributes for a directory, file or all files at once. Wildcard selection and directory changing within the program.
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