Recover - Since 1995

Top rated FoxPro/dBase file repair utility - FoxPro Advisor, Sept. '97 issue.

Version 4.0b includes latest Visual Foxpro 9 field repair.

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Recover Version Upgrades and Free Maintenance updates

Upgrading from V 3.0 to V 4.0 or same version single to royalty free or additional platforms:

You can get up to 50% discount. Please use fax/mail order form since the online order form does not allow for discount.

Note that if you are upgrading from single user to royalty free, you get half price discount of what you paid for the single user and not half price discount of the royalty free.

Free Maintenance Revision Updates :

Abri Technologies continues to make improvements and debugs Recover as soon as bugs are found or reported. As original license purchaser you will be notified of same version free Recover updates by Email and the information how to download the updates. Please make sure that we have your correct and latest E-Mail address - otherwise you may not receive the update notices.