Recover - Since 1995

Top rated FoxPro/dBase file repair utility - FoxPro Advisor, Sept. '97 issue.

Version 4.0b includes latest Visual Foxpro 9 field repair.

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Standalone Library files
Required to run Recover single user or Royalty free edition if you do not have Foxpro

Recover for Windows FoxPro/Win, Visual Foxpro5-9, or for FoxPro for DOS (FoxPro/DOS) can be run without MS FoxPro software if you download one of the additional run time file sets listed below. Either setup will repair FoxPro files (and some 'Clipper/FoxBase/dBaseIII files).

Note: there is no difference between FoxPro DOS and FoxPro windows data files.

Download one of the packages in the following table, unzip it in in your 'Recover' directory on your hard drive and follow the instructions in the manual.txt file and the Readme...txt file in the corresponding package:

PlatformSingle UserRoyalty Free
32-bit, Windows98+

(Want to save disk space?)
Download 1. and 2.

(Want to save disk space?)
Not sure which to get? Click here.