Logitech QuickCapture/QuickCam Method for WinPawn

This method is almost as convenient as the TWAIN process. We have succeeded using it with Logitech E2500 WebCam in Windows XP and a Logitech C200 WebCam in Windows 7. We found it to work with some other webcams - for example Acer Crystal eye on some computer models.

Here are the steps you need to prepare for this method.

1. Change the WinPawn photo take method to "CAMSOFT" (File/SystemSetup/WorkstationSetup)

2. Verify that you can take photos with Logitech QuickCapture/QuickCam Method using your Logitech QuickCam. A cheap Logitech WebCam is recommended since it will likely have that method. Bring up the Logitech software and it should bring up a toolbar like shown below and when you click on the QuickCapture (top button function) you should see the active photo in the setup below.

3. Before you try to take photos for Winpawn you need to set your Windows default .jpg image "viewer" to the WinPawn file "PhotoCamGet.exe" located in your WinPawn directory. Just find any .jpg image on your PC and right-click->properties. In the General tab find line "Opens with:" and click the "Change" button. Hit the Browse Button and find and select the PhotoCamGet.exe file in WinPawn folder. Hit OK and Apply buttons to get out of the dialogs and the shape of the .jpg image icon will change to indicate the WinPawn PhotoCamGet.exe file. What that does is whenever any .jpg file is automatically handled it will activate PhotoCamGet.exe. Unfortunately you will not be able to view .jpg image files just by clicking on the image - Windows will send that image filename to PhotoCamGet.exe. You can still use windows image software on .jpg files with the File/Open and other methods. Make sure you do not accidentally instal image software which automatically changes .jpg windows redirection from PhotoCamGet.exe.

4. To take a photo you simply go in Winpawn and click "Take" button and you will get the WinPawn dialog "Do not click OK...." Just go to Logitech QuickCam tool bar and click on the QuickCapture image. See image above again. When satisfied with the photo position, 1. Click on "Take photo" and then 2. Double click on the new image that appears below it. That should send the photo information to WinPawn PhotoCamGet.exe and the WinPawn dialog "Do not click OK...." will disappear by itself. If it doesn't probably you did not change the default Windows .jpg viewer to PhotoCamGet.exe. Logitech dialog will accumulate all photos you take in the lower portion. If you exit the dialog those extra ones will disappear as WinPawn uses them up. Any annoying extra ones you can just delete there.