WinPawn TWAIN camera method

The TWAIN method is the most convenient to use with fewest steps to take a photo. Just install the TWAIN drivers provided with your camera.

We recommend the logitech QuickCam E2500 webcam for Winpawn. E2500 works with XP (and Vista, but we did not test it with Vista). Other webcams that provide a TWAIN driver may work too but the E2500 worked smooth for us in XP. If you are curious about a camera model that may work, install its drivers, plug it in and see if it shows up in MyComputer list. Or check in WinPawn with the TWAIN camera option startup File/Utilities/TakePhoto. The first time it will bring up a list of TWAIN sources (including your page scanner). If you see the webcam camera either listed something like "BrandName Camera" (best choice) or "WIA-somecamera" select it. The first type is the best and most direct. The second choice WIA.....type may work but it will be a two step process.

Logitech has stopped manufacture of E2500 models - but overstock units are still available on eBay and other places. We have extra units and you can contact us if you cannot find one. Just install the E2500 TWAIN driver and it should work smoothly.