WinPawn M2SYS EasyScan installation in 64 bit PC's.

NOTE: If you are not good with Windows file handling, please get help from a technician. We cannot tutor people on Windows operation.

To download the M2SYS EasyScan software for 64 bit computers OS click here. and install it.

There are some things that may need to be done before it will run properly.

1. Download the WinPawn fingerprint files - click here. extract these files to your desktop and right click on each file and in the General tab click the "Unblock" button on right bottom. Move these two files to the Winpawn folder - usually c:\wpawn500 - and indicate that you want to overwrite the previous files.

2. Make sure the correct driver is installed. Goto PC START/Computer/RightClick-Properties Then select Device Manager. Then Find BiometricDevices / SecuGen SDU03M.... If it shows a small yellow warning exclamation sign, right click on the line and select "Update Software Driver". and then click on "Browse my computer for driver software" and then hit the browse button and find the "x64" folder - should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\BioPlugin\Drivers\M2-Hamster Plus\x64