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Important Announcement: After over 20 years years of selling WinPawn, we will be exiting the pawnshop software business due to the death of the founder and lead developer. Future plans for WinPawn are not known at this time, but we're open to finding a buyer and are exploring several options.

As of March 30, 2015, we will no longer be accepting trial signups.

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Getting help with WinPawn and Support Policy
1. Click here for hardware & software recommendations

2. How to get help:
To keep prices down, WinPawn is self serve online software. Please use the included help that comes with WinPawn installation.

  • You can press F1 to get help in WinPawn anytime.
  • Most screens have the yellow question mark button for context related help.
  • For setting up printers, cameras, fingerprint scanner, graphics, driver license mag strip scanners, label printing, etc. please click on the "Free Maint. Updates" and scroll down.
We do not provide free tutoring how to use WinPawn or Windows/PCs. For help with Windows/PC problems please hire a local technician (or call a friend that is better at it).

3. Remote Control Help.
For an extra fee, in some cases we can help by accessing your computer remotely. Click here for instructions."

4. WinPawn support policy:
Abri Technologies (AT) does not charge for current version WinPawn bug corrections and we post free updates on "Free Maint. Updates" after bugs are discovered. A specific feature that a user may want is not a software bug.

Abri Technologies provides limited support for WinPawn as we find it is more effective to have you work hands-on with a local IT Technician. Download and installation support is available via email.