Abri Technologies remote access technical service.

Not all cases, but in some cases we can help by accessing your PC from our office. We charge a fee for this service. Here are the steps:
(May be a good idea to print this page first.)

1. Install connection software.

  • Click here to download "CrossLoop" remote access software
  • Install the software.
  • When Windows firewall comes up, indicate permission for both private and public networks.
  • You can just exit the CrossLoop free account or registration window offer - hit the X in the corner.
  • In the small CrossLoop window replace the Share Name box with ABRI-ACCESS
  • Write down the Access Code for each session. We need that to make a connection.
  • When we make a connection together just click on connect and wait for the connection and then click YES on the next screen to allow access.
  • Your screen background will turn black to save transmission time. Don't worry, you can reboot to get your old background back or it will go back to normal when finished.

2. Make payment.
We charge $60/hr or portion thereof for the service. Each hour must be prepaid. Click below to make payment for first hour.