WinPawn 5.00 Regional Files

Some states, provinces, territories or countries have unique interest requirements that may be difficult to setup in WinPawn. If your state or territory is listed below you can download the corresponding zip file. It contains additional files that are useful for your state interest rates and fees.

Note: If your county uses the BWI police report download the BWI files in addition to ones for your state below. Please go to the the "Free Main. Updates" section for info what to do for extra equipment (fingerprint and camera).

Please read the included READMExx.TXT file for instructions.

Alabama, US
Arizona, US
Arizona, Bullhead City, US
Arkansas, US

California, US (with 2009 rate files)

California, US Palmdale/LAcounty police report only


Colorado, US
Colorado Springs Police Report files, US
Florida, US
Georgia, US
Georgia, US, Albany city additional (police report)
Hawaii, US
Ilinois US
Indiana, US
Louisiana, US
Maryland, US (locations that use BWI police report)
Maryland, US, Howard county (BWI police report only)
Michigan, US (only for places that use BWI police report)
Mississippi, US
Montana, US
New York, US
North Carolina, US
Oklahoma, US
Oregon, US (Includes BWI report files)
South Carolina, US
Puerto Rico, US
Tennessee, US
Texas, US
Utah, US
Virginia, US
Washington, US (Includes BWI report files)

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