Recover - Since 1995

Top rated FoxPro/dBase file repair utility - FoxPro Advisor, Sept. '97 issue.

Version 4.0b includes latest Visual Foxpro 9 field repair.

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Since 1995, Recover is a professional, comprehensive, Foxpro file error detection and repair utility, used worldwide by major corporations and government agencies. It can also repair Clipper/FoxBase+/dBASEIII DBF and memo file headers and restore records from the corrupted .DBF files.

Recover is far more than trivial file header fixers flooding the market recently.

Single User and Royalty Free Recover from non-FoxPro applications:
Single user and royalty free editions can be run standalone without Microsoft FoxPro software with additional runtime files.


  • Version 4.0b highlights:
    • Conforms with Visual Foxpro 9 stricter file structure requirements and performs auto-increment repairs.
    • Additional "Rebuild" utility included with VFP royalty free edition.
      When distributed to your end user customers, it can:

      a) restore database containers, .CDX files as well as repair DBF/FPT files.
      b) automate data file change updates.
    • Improved easy file viewing, editing and scanning for field bugs and errors.
    • 2GB+ DBF and FPT file recovery included.
    • Extraction of non-linked memos from .fpt memo file.
  • Easier to use or integrate into your app.
    • No extensive learning of complex editors or repair tools required by end users.
    • Royalty-free license for integration into your Dos26, Win26 or Visual FoxPro apps. Can be setup for automatic table repair without end user interaction.
  • Integration into Non-FoxPro Apps:
    • Royalty-free Recover can be also integrated into non-FoxPro windows applications using our package files which include instructions. The additional required files and instructions are available from the table below.
  • Unmatched reliability and performance.
    • Recover goes beyond simple header repairs and can pick out records and/or memos from files with "garbage" without user interaction using proprietory Trace (patented), SPM and LFS techniques.
  • Proprietary techniques built in for auto repair and salvage of .dbf and .fpt files:
    • Thorough DBF/FPT file header checking. Recover checks for and repairs - DBF header record count, first record position, end of file mark, valid field definitions, correct memo indicator - FPT valid memo block size, first memo block location and next free block location.
    • Thorough DBF and memo file analysis and repair. Recover scans records for corruption. A complete repair report stored in file Recover.rep - See sample repair report.
    • The SPM memo file recovery is effective in some cases where the memo header is completely missing or only broken memo file pieces are available.
    • The trace method (US patent 5,870,762) with an additional coded field in records and memos is an ideal safeguard for your clients sensitive or high security data. No other file fix software can match this recovery method for reliability, speed and absence of user interaction.
  • FoxPro platforms: Visual Foxpro 5-9, Foxpro for Windows 2.6, Foxpro for Dos 2.6
  • Licensed two ways.
    1. Single user license ( with an easy to use screen interface, intended for occasional file repair.
    2. Royalty free, distributable, license (, that can be integrated into your app for automatic file repair.

Sample file repair report:
'C:\POS\CUSTOMER.DBF/.FPT' RECOVER Report - 06/04/96 13:32:37

** Record file check:

Corrupted DBF file header!
Header Reconstructed/rewriten!

** Memofile check:

SPM: recovered 758 memos, with 99% confidence level.

Removed invalid memo pointers:

Memo crosslinks existed between:
CUST_NOTE/225 and HGWL_MEMO/1081
CUST_NOTE/820 and CUST_NOTE/1063
CUST_NOTE/853 and HGWL_MEMO/1082

758 of 761 memos found/matched!

Additional 32 non-matched memos stored in 'RecoverM.dbf/fpt'.
RECOVERy time: 6.49 seconds.


RTrace Example: MemoTrace code application example (