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for Windows since 1994

Important Announcement: After over 20 years years of selling WinPawn, we will be exiting the pawnshop software business due to the death of the founder and lead developer. Future plans for WinPawn are not known at this time, but we're open to finding a buyer and are exploring several options.

As of March 30, 2015, we will no longer be accepting trial signups.

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  • Telephone and email support. See support policy
  • Pawns/Buys, Sales and Lay Aways.
  • Version 5.00 adds: automatic weekly reindexing/packing, customer current pawn reports, gathering small items like DVD's into one item, and more.....
  • Intuitive ease of use with windows online help.
  • Customizable Pawn interest rates and general fees to meet various legal requirements.
  • sample scanner Sample barcode Barcode printing/scanning speeds up transactions.
  • driver license scanner Magnetic stripe driver license scanner (see maintenance page for more info.)
  • sample cam Optional digital camera photo capture of pawn customers or merchandise stored on your hard drive.
  • From single user to 99 terminals network ready.
  • Print Sample label pawn item labels, mailing list labels, various reports.
  • Optional tear-off receipt printer label printer to print fast Sales/LayAway receipts.
  • Prints reminder letters for overdue (or advancedue) Pawns or LayAways
  •, BWI police reports and other police report formats.
  • Complete firearm log record.
    View/print/file report on a single gun, or guns by
    • specific make, model or serial number;
    • specific customer/vendor or all customers/vendors,
    • specific date or any range of dates.
  • Prints US ATF 4473 and Acquisition & Disposition Records.
  • SELECTABLE: invoice forms, pawn & layaway periods, interest rates, merchandise markups, pawn items prepricing,.....
  • User passwords with 5 access levels.
  • Data file repair and transaction recovery due to power or system failure